Our Team

Craig Abotosaway, Executive Director

exec.director@mnaamodzawin.com Ext. 263

Tracy Tooley, Executive Assistant

exec.assistant@mnaamodzawin.com Ext. 214

Linda Kimewon, Finance Manager

finance@mnaamodzawin.com Ext. 205

Anna Grigull, Director of Care

directorofcare@mnaamodzawin.com Ext. 210

Rebecca Milne, Allied Health Manager

alliedhealthmanager@mnaamodzawin.com Ext. 271


BreAnn Corbiere, Personal Support Worker

Charles Brewer, Custodian

Carly Valiente, Mental Health Counsellor

Cathy Prenter, Receptionist

Crystal Lane, Personal Support Worker

Crystal Mossip, Personal Support Worker

Elaine Milne, Mental Health Program Assistant/Social Navigator

Heather Turner, Community Support Services Coordinator

Jacqueline Allen, Mental Health Counsellor

Jenna Maisonneuve, Home Care Registered Practical Nurse

Jennifer Contant, Personal Support Worker

Katelyn White, Home Care Registered Nurse

Kelly Manitowabi, Personal Support Worker

Lauren Booth, Community Health Nurse

Lauren Dewar, Maternal and Child Health Nurse

Lynne Perrault, Personal Support Worker

Misty Corbiere, Home Care Registered Practical Nurse

Paul McDonald , Mental Health Clinician

Robin George, Finance Assistant

Sherry Eadie, Personal Support Worker

Tanya Hyde, Home Care Nurse

Veronica Recollet, Personal Support Worker

Mission Statement

To strengthen community harmony and well being, by ensuring access to high quality holistic services which promote personal, family and community responsibility of health care..