Community Health Program

The practice of community health nursing promotes the health of individuals, families, communities/populations, and an environment that supports health. It combines nursing theory and knowledge, social sciences, and public health science with primary health care.

The goals:

  • Prevent and reduce risks to individual health and the overall environment
  • Promote healthier lifestyles
  • Ensure high quality health care services that are efficient and accessible
  • Integrate renewal of the health care system with longer term plans in the areas of prevention, health promotion and protection
  • Provide health information to help individuals make informed decisions.

What is a Community Health Nurse?

  • The CHN is a nurse who is a registered in good standing with the College of Nurses of Ontario and has liability coverage with either Registered Nurses of Ontario (RNAO) or Ontario Nurses Association (ONA).

How can A Community Health Nurse assist me?

  • The CHN will be knowledgeable of the uniqueness of Indigenous people, their history and struggles with decolonization. Accordingly, the CHN will develop and deliver appropriate health programing directed at the individual, the family, the community, and the environment.

  • Specifically, the CHN will arrange a nurse’s clinic day in each community.

  • increase awareness of relevant health issues and concerns through health education sessions for individuals or groups,

  • provide a maintenance programs for chronic disease through monitoring, referrals, and health teaching,

  • promoting individual and community injury prevention programs

  • collaborating on maternal and child health,

  • offering an Immunization program for all age groups and school age children, as well as an arranging for seasonal flu clinics in each community

  • All programing delivery will have a traditional component and CHN will promote the Traditional healing program with all clients.

General services offered:

  • Prenatal and Postnatal Workshops (individual or group)

  • Developmental screening

  • Physical assessments

  • Health and Nutrition education

  • Immunizations

  • Blood Draw Clinic

  • Blood Pressure Clinic

  • Communicable Disease Control

  • Chronic disease education, screening

  • Oral health education and screening

  • Sex education

  • Overall health promotion

To register or for more information contact the Community Health Nurses at 705-368-2182 ext. 229 or 228.