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Clients Rights and Responsibilities

Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. is dedicated to the rights of every client to independent expression, choice and action, and strives to ensure that each individual is given respect, dignity, consideration, privacy and opportunities to participate without discrimination. Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. follows the teaching of the Seven (7) Grandfathers to ensure all workers and services provided demonstrate cultural awareness, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competency to provide culturally safe service.

Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. strives to ensure that all clients received services in an individual, group or community settings understands their responsibilities and role in maintaining standards of high quality in all the services and programs provided. This document is designed to inform clients, staff and students of Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. of their rights and responsibilities regarding provision of client services.

Clients Rights:

Every client has the right to:

Have their privacy respected by staff wherever Mnaamodzawin Health Services are provided. Information gathered and about the client throughout the course of their care is subject to laws, regulations, and processes of confidentiality.

Understand the nature and implications of the care proposed by the provider before receiving care. For consent to be valid, the client must be able to understand and
appreciate the implications of the intervention. The client must also be physically and mentally capable of providing consent.

Expect that all care provided on their behalf will be conducted in a professional and respectful manner.

Make a complaint regarding their care at the agency.

Access their health record, to received clarification about the information contained in the record and to receive a copy of all or any part of the record, unless there is proof that to do so will cause harm to the person.

Appeal decisions to withhold or limit access to your records. Clients have the right to correct factual errors in their record.

Know when they are receiving services of a student and the right to refuse these services.

Understanding when disclosure of information to another party may be mandatory, even when the client does not wish the information to be disclosed. Service providers will aim to respect the wishes of the client regarding information. However, clients need to be aware that some disclosure and consultation between providers may occur in order to maintain/provide an appropriate standard of care.

Know about all available services

Be aware of limits to confidentiality (i.e. harm to self/others, legal requirements etc.)

Refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences.

Client Responsibilities

Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. expects clients to:

Respect the policies of Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. and the centre where the services are offered, and act in a respectful manner.

Be respectful and considerate of the staff, students and other clients of the organization.

Ensure they arrive on time for appointments and/or group programs and advise us at least 24 hours in advance of appointments which can not be attended.

Let Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. know if the client has changed their address, telephone number and/or health card number.

Accept responsibility for decisions they make about care with the organizations staff and follow through with a plan of care.

Notify Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. of any diagnosed communicable disease. Whether it be adult or child (i.e. Shingles, Measles etc.)

Complaints Process

Mnaamodzawin Health Services believes that clients and the general public have the right to offer complaints or express concerns related to our programs and services. If something did not go well or clients are concerns about their experience(s) with the programs and/or services, we are to hear from you. Mnaamodzawin Health Services considers that complaints and concerns are compounds for change and will help the organization to improve the quality of our programs and services.

Verbal and written complaints are welcomed.

Mnaamodzawin Health Services recognizes two types of complaints/concerns:

  1. Informal complaints/concerns should be and are often resolved satisfactorily by the individuals involved.
  2. Formal complaints concerns include
    a) Unresolved informal complaints/concerns
    b) Allegations which may be construed to be professional misconduct, sexual or
    other abuse, harassment, failure to comply with regulatory standards,
    guidelines, or legislation.
    c) Complaints/concerns about Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. employees
    d) Complaints/concerns that may put the organization at risk must be reported
    immediately to the Human Resources Officer (or designate) for review, whom in turn
    will immediately report to the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors will be kept apprised of formal complaints/concerns of the general public on an annual basis by the Executive Director.

Complaint Process

Informal complaints/concerns:

  • Periodic complaints/concerns which arise between individuals and employees during service delivery are often resolved satisfactorily by the individuals involved.
  • Where the complaint is expressed to a third party (staff member), the complainant will be encouraged to speak directly with the employee involved.
  • If the complainant is unwilling to speak with the involved employee about the issue(s) can not be resolved, the complaint will escalate to a formal complaint. The involved employee will inform their Manager that a potential formal complaint may be filed.
  • A complaint/concern related to the organization (administration, facility) will be referred to the appropriate Manager.
  • Informal complaints/concerns which can not be satisfactorily resolved become formal complaints.

Formal complaints/concerns:

  • Formal complaints may be received in writing (preferred) or verbally when necessary to the employee and the Manager. A formal complaint letter must be
    completed. The form is available on the Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. website and is also available from the Receptionist.
  • Complainants may request assistance to complete the complaint form. The Manager will discuss and facilitate the process, as indicated. This may include assistance from a Manager or a neutral third party agreeable to the complainant.
  • Formal complaints are to be addressed to one of the Managers of the organization. The Manager will initiate documentation on the Complaint
    Resolution form upon receipt of the complaint.
  • If a complaint cannot be resolved satisfactorily, the matter will go the Human Resources Officer. If satisfactory resolution has not been achieved at this level, the matter will do to the Chair of the Board of Directors.
  • Complaints related to the performance of the Executive Director should be addressed to the Chair of the Board of Directors. The Board will endeavor to
    provide a written response.

Responding to Your Complaints

  • All complaints will be treated seriously, fairly, confidentially and will be investigated.
  • All complaints will be acknowledged to the complainant and/or the investigation commenced within 10 business days of receipt of the complaint.
  • Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. will attempt to resolve complaints as soon as possible.
  • Anonymous complaints and uncorroborated complaints by a third party will not be addressed.
  • If you would like to file a complaint or provide a complaint regarding Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc. program and/or services, either by phone or in writing send correspondence to:
    Mnaamodzawin Health Service Inc., ATTN: Human Resources Officer, 48 Hillside Road, Postal Bag 2002, Little
    Current, Ontario POP IKO T: 705-368-2182
    Click here for the Complaint Form

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