Traditional Services

Mnaamodzawin Health Services Inc.’s Code of Ethics statement:

We believe our first and foremost responsibility is to the people of the five first nations that we serve.

We believe in the incorporation of the holistic approach to health care by embracing the seven grandfather teachings as our guide;

WISDOM – to cherish knowledge is to know wisdom
LOVE – to know love is to know peace
HONESTY – honesty in facing a situation is to be brave
RESPECT – to honor all of creation is to have respect
HUMILITY – to know yourself as a sacred part of creation
BRAVERY – to face the foe with integrity
TRUTH – is to know all of these things

Traditional Healers visits can assist with grief, addictions, supportive counselling, traditional teachings, ceremony, talking circles and more. Healers work in a variety of means to assist the clients in their healing journey.

To book an appointment with a Traditional Healer, contact 705-368-2182 x208.